January 17, 2014

Barn Blog Hop

SprinklerBandit and A Process of Learning have started a Barn Blog Hop and I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  I am lucky enough to have Ypke on my family's property at our little barn!

1. A view of the barn:

View from the driveway

 The barn is a very cute 4 stall barn.  The indoor amenities include a hayloft, a hay elevator, a stock, a spigot, a tack room, trailer parking, and tractor parking.

2. Your horse's living space:
Ypke in the interior of her stall

Ypke has a 12x12 stall, there is an attached 12x12 run as well.  There are two pastures, a larger one and a smaller one.  The gate of the run is always left open, it attaches to a walkway that goes out to her pasture. She gets around 9 hours of turnout a day and she can walk to and from the pasture whenever she chooses to due to the set up.

3. The tack room:
The Western side 

Come to the dressage side... where the tack is black
Complete with saddle pad racks, bridle hooks, halter hooks, and saddle racks.  The cabinets you see are used for storing helmets, fly masks, and first aid equipment.  The table is used for keeping girths, leathers, irons, and what not; the containers beneath the table consist of all the tack cleaning supplies and bits.  Furthermore, there is keypad entry which helps assure me that my beloved tack isn't getting carried off.

4. Where you ride:

Ghetto dressage arena

50' roundpen

The property has several places where you can ride, in the winter I opt for the 50' roundpen.   In the summer I prefer our "ghetto" legal sized dressage arena, I use the word ghetto lovingly due to us sectioning off part of the pasture and the letters being stuck onto orange construction cones.  Hey, it works and the footing is good!  We also have a trail obstacle arena (not pictured due to being trashed by the windstorms) and some sagebrush/wooded trails.  The pastures are also flat, making them good for riding in, there are also some gentle slopes as well though.

5.) My Favorite Feature:
While the facility isn't anything super fancy, I really like all of it! 

The hayloft and hay chutes are handy!

                                                                   The stock is always handy!

                       The warmblood size trailer fits, even has enough space left over to load a horse!


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