January 14, 2014

Weather Woes

I have not been able to ride Ypke in 12 days.  Well, for the past two weeks we have had 75mph winds during the day and either freezing rain or snow at night.  As you can imagine, these aren't ideal conditions to ride in.  I realize that you cannot expect perfect conditions, but 75mph winds and slushy footing?  No thanks.   We never have weather like this around here, so nobody ever builds indoor arenas.   I am really starting to wish that someone around here has an indoor, though....

The weather actually cleared up today but of course I had meetings, errands, and school.  By the time I made it to the barn, it was already dark outside.   I decided to trim Ypke's mane and brush her off a bit, so at least that is something.  She was extremely fresh and kept on fidgeting, but finally stopped after several scoldings.  I have a lesson tomorrow which should be interesting.

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