January 21, 2014

Day 4 - A Ride That Impacted Your Life

Hands down the ride that impacted my Ypke/riding life happened on July 4, 2012, during my weekly lesson.   I used to be a fearless (*cough* ignorant) beginner rider, that is, until THAT day.  THAT day was the day when my confidence with Ypke went from on top of the world to level zero.  You see, THAT day was when my perfect pony discovered that she could take advantage of me.  She used to be a fun, tolerant horse until the Fourth of July.

Mug shot of the guilty pony

It was a normal lesson.  The pony and I were doing absolutely amazing, I remember exactly what we were working on: using my seat to make upward or downward transitions.  I rounded the corner when out of nowhere she just blew up.

She flew 20 feet to the side (unfortunately that isn't stretching the truth) and off I flew.  Supposedly I sat the first 15 feet like a pro. I am proud to say that my gymnastics lessons as a toddler came in handy.  I did an awkward front flip and stuck the landing... before falling to the ground.   You didn't waste your money on the gymnastics lessons, Mom!  I was terrified and just wanted to cry, there was no way I wanted to get back on that horse, but I got back on anyways.  I almost had waterworks on the Fourth of July, but I refrained and canceled the event.  

All kidding aside, things haven't been the same since then.  She will just spook with no warning (we average at about one small spook a month and two blowups a year). No warning at all, I don't even have time to prepare.  Her small spook is just a sudden leap forward, her blowups are either bolts off to the side or bronc buck fests.  I just thought I might clarify that she is NOT in pain.  Her teeth are checked yearly and they are about as close to perfect as you can get, she has had her back checked, and both her saddles fit.   

Ever since then, I just have not been confident anymore.  Sure I didn't get injured, but the whole "give no warning at all" is always in the back of my mind.  I do keep her working when she spooks and I don't let her think that spooking equals getting put away.   One day, she will be a wonder pony again.  Just wait and see...


  1. Ugh, sounds like my lease horse (also a moody mare). This spring she learned she could take advantage of me (i.e., forcibly eject me via bucking) and she did it twice in the same month. It was terrible for my confidence! To make matters worse (and add to my humiliation), she is one of those horses everyone thinks is totally bomb proof. Noone can believe she even bucks! ;-)

    1. I'm glad I am not alone with moody mare struggles! Everyone always thinks that since Ypke is just a cute, fluffy Fjord that she is automatically as sweet as sweet can be. Gotta love those moody mares though, they teach you a lot.


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