January 23, 2014

Day 7 - Post A Long Rant of Your Biggest Pet Peeve

There are two types of trainers around here: Teeniebopper wannabe trainers and midlife crisis wannabe trainers.  Of course, they think they are the best of the best and charge outrageous monthly prices for the honor of having you horse ruined by them.  If you would like your horse ruined, you only have to pay $900 a month!  What a deal!

Here are the three memorable ones...

Trainer #1:
Called and scheduled a time to work with one of the horses at the barn.  Showed up two hours late without telling me she was going to be late.  What was she wearing you ask?  Flip flops, loop/dangle earrings, tank top, and ripped jeans.  She took one look at the horse, lunged him at a walk, and said he was going to be super easy to train.  Proceeded to leave three minutes later due to "plans."   I understand that life happens, so we rescheduled for another day for her to work with the horsie.  Once again, absolutely no warning and she flat out didn't show up.  Several days later a text that says, "Sry 4got 2 come wat time wrks 4 u now"  Needless to say we never replied.

Trainer #2:
This person, in short, makes me want to rip out my hair.   He showed up to work with one of the horses at the barn.   Proceeded to gallop the horse around the round pen for 30 minutes.  In order to reverse, he would run in front of the horse, wave the whip, and scream.
After the horse was drenched in sweat, he got on and proceeded to say, "he feels like he is going to explode," then got off.  This happened while the horse was out of breath and about to take a nap.  He left and we sent him an email saying that we were not interested in his training services at this time  He proceeded to call and tell us how stupid we were for needing a horse trainer, how everything he did was correct, how we didn't know anything about horses, etc.
I occasionally run into him at this public riding arena and he always tries to insult me.  Be it the way Ypke looks (apparently she is fat and doesn't look like a Fjord) or the way I ride.  This is coming from the man who slouches, has a chair seat, and slams in the saddle like a sack of potatoes

Trainer #3:
This is the person who I was talking about in my previous blog post.  I took lessons with Ypke with him as my instructor and I regret ever even meeting him.  He was extremely arrogant and was constantly talking about how his method worked on every horse and was the only way to train a horse (I kid you not, that is what he said).  In a few short lessons I was seesawing Ypke's head into place and doing crazy things to achieve what I wanted with her.  It worked, but after an amount of time I noticed their were pieces of the puzzle missing.  According to him...
-Seesawing is the way to collection
-ALL snaffles are abusive, shanked bits are better
-If you ride with stirrups, they need to be long enough that way your heels are NOT down
-Horses spook only because they do not trust you.  
-You shouldn't keep any horse barefoot
-You should never ride when it is cold or windy
-If the horse ever responds incorrectly to a cue, it is in severe pain.

I'm sure there must be some good trainers around here, but I have yet to find them.  Luckily, the trainer I have now is great!

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