July 30, 2014

Meet my new donkey!

I got a new donkey!  Surprise!  This handsome fellow is exactly like the little man Jethro — super sweet, tolerant, and eager to learn. 

So cute!
Actually he IS Jethro believe it or not.

Fluffy Jethro

Yup, I body clipped Jethro.  It is 110* out and that shaggy coat was just too hot for the poor fellow.  I purchased some Andis clippers (which arrived today), gave him a bath, walked him in the sun for an hour, and set to work.   Technically my mom actually did the clipping, and since it was her first time attempting I think she did well... way better than I would have done.  Fair is in three weeks, so I think the clip lines will be faded out by then.

A small portion of the hair that was clipped
The body clipping didn't phase him one bit.  He stood there calmly like a pro the whole time.

I love the clipped face/head!


  1. Wow, what a difference! Jethro is as adorable as always though!

  2. that's a big difference! he looks so neat and groomed and like a little gentleman. you just need to add a bowtie :D

    1. I will definitely have to take some bowtie pics now, haha :)

  3. He looks even cuter than before!

  4. Huge difference! Jethro is just too cute :)


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