July 15, 2014

Pocket Pony Horse Treats, aka THE BEST!

As most of you know, I use the clicker training method with Ypke. We use it for everything, be it ground work or under saddle.  Pocket Pony Organic Horse Treats recently sent me some samples for Ypke to try out during our clicker sessions. Ypke is a food junky and knows what's what when it comes to treats, so I was interested to try them out. Furthermore, I have tried various treats with Jethro and he has refused them all, so I was interested to see if their 100% picky equine approved guarantee was legit.
pocket pony organic horse treats
The blurb, click the picture to view it larger
The treats come in four different adorable shapes and are just the right size for clicker training. Furthermore, they smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  Seriously,  I had to resist the urge to eat these things! They just smelled that fantastic. I mean, they even look appetizing- my stomach was practically growling. 

pocket pony organic horse treats

I liked the fact that these are 100% organic and after reading the ingredients you don't have to hit up Google.  Another added plus is that these treats aren't crumbly soft, yet they aren't oh-my-gosh-I-cracked-my-tooth hard.
pocket pony organic horse treats
Ingredients in the peppermint treats
Needless to say, I sprinted walked up to the barn to present them to Miss Mare herself.  I decided to have her sample the peppermint first and she gobbled it up without thinking twice. I wouldn't consider Ypke to be a picky eater, but she has refused flavored treats in the past. These treats come in four flavors: peppermint, apples and carrots, oatmeal molasses, and pumpkin. She sampled the remaining flavors and was all smiles!

horse smiling
Taken directly after she swallowed the treat
In order to put these treats to the real test, I gave them to Mister Picky himself. Jethro refuses to eat anything besides grass, hay, grain, and rice bran. It is a huge pain to use those as clicker training treats, so I was really hoping he would enjoy these. I gave him an oatmeal molasses treat and he loved it! He gave it one sniff and chowed it right down. I wasn't sure what he would think of the other three flavors, but much to my surprise he liked them.

I am extremely happy with Pocket Pony and don't have one negative thing to say.  These are very convenient for clicker training, and it makes me happy knowing that there aren't any funky ingredients.  Highly recommend!

**Disclosure: Pocket Pony Organic Horse Treats sent me samples of their treats free of charge for review purposes.  While I did receive these products at no expense, all thoughts expressed in this review are based off of my own experiences. Despite my experience being positive, I cannot guarantee their products.**


  1. Wow those sound great and they passed the Jethro test! Amazing! I might have to try them. :D

  2. this is such a great treat for the clicker training. i wonder if i can buy them in canada...

    oh, i have a question about how you clicker train under saddle? you must need someone else there too? i'm just not making the connection about how you reward a click...

    1. Nope, I do it by myself! I fill a fanny pack full with treats, wear it around my waist, and have a clicker on my wrist. To reward good behavior I click, grab a treat from the fanny pack, and Ypke turns her head around to grab it from me. This system works great and Ypke's neck has become super flexible from it lol.

    2. http://chroniclesofamoodymare.blogspot.com/2014/02/clicker-training-part-i-how-and-why-i.html The second photo in this post shows me giving her a treat under saddle.

    3. LOL! that's awesome!!
      that's really neat. it sounds like things are really coming along in terms of clicker training. i'm thoroughly impressed with the in-saddle stuff.

  3. Hi everyone! For those of you who don't have Pocket Pony treats in your local feed stores yet, check them out on www.pocketponyhorsetreats.com. We have $5 shipping and great prices. You get over 200 treats in one 32oz container.

    Thanks for the review Hannah!


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