September 20, 2014

"Train without pain" Whips-a-Daisy

[Note: The Whips-a-Daisy is newer to the market, and the company sent me three of them in different sizes to review and test out.  This will be a three part series: The review itself, a training session w/ Ypke, and a training session w/ Jethro.]
As you all know by now, I am an avid clicker trainer and am not a fan of the common "get rough and tough" training attitude that many people adapt to whenever their horse (or donkey) acts up.  When I found out about Whips-a-Daisy and their epic slogan, "train without pain," I knew right away that they were my kind of company.

The Whips-a-Daisy comes in three sizes: bat, training/dressage, and lunge.  Originally the plan was that they were just going to send over a training size one, but they kindly threw in the other two sizes as well!  They are super nice people and you can tell just from talking to them that they truly believe in their product and think about things through the horse's perspective.  On top of that, the products arrived within a week.  Great people + speedy shipping!

Now, you are probably looking at the picture above and thinking that it looks rather unique.   Your normal whip is typically black and "bland" looking if you will, and they also don't make noise until they make contact with the horse.  On the other hand, the Whips-a-Daisy is the exact opposite, it presents a noticeable visual aid and the streamers on the end make noise without having to come in contact  with the horse.  On top of that, I also did a test: I smacked myself on the leg with a normal crop (not as hard as I could) and then repeated the same thing with the Whips-a-Daisy (using a lot more force than the with the crop).  The crop provided my poor leg with a momentary sharp pain that lingered for a couple of seconds while the Whips-a-Daisy didn't even come close to hurting the slightest bit.

The Whips-a-Daisy seems to be a well made product for sure!  It is comfortable to hold and not awkward to use.   The streamers are well attached and don't look like they have any intention of falling off.  

On top of being a well made product, it also serves as a magical wand.  The purple Whips-a-Daisy I was sent was able to turn Jethro into a purple fairy.  

**Disclosure: Whips-a-Daisy sent me their products free of charge for review purposes.  While I did receive these products at no expense, all thoughts expressed in this review are based off of my own experiences.  Despite my experience being positive, I cannot guarantee their products.**


  1. I am intrigued! Looking forward to seeing the reviews!

  2. LMAO!!!! oh jethro can't even look you in the eye... he's toooo cute!

    and totally looking forward to reading more about your work with the whips a daisy. looks like a great training tool.


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