September 14, 2014

What time is it? Adventure time!

Jethro is seriously up for anything — be it being brushed and cuddled with, getting dressed up as a fairy, or going on a fierce adventure through the elements. Allow me to tell the greatly exaggerated story of Jethro's Journey.
Miniature donkey

It started out as a normal walk, and we kept to the trails as usual.
But alas, typical routines are boring, so we decided to go off the beaten path.

Miniature donkey

We ended up in a deep, dark, heavily wooded forest. Despite getting lost, Jethro bravely marched through the thick underbrush without a care in the world. 

Miniature donkey

We came to a ditch that had to be crossed and stairs that had to be walked up, and the brave little donkey did just that.

Suddenly, we realized that the stairs went off to Lala Land and we fell ran down a steep, grassy slope.

Miniature donkey

As we were running uncontrollably down the hill (read: Jethro was galloping and bucking about and I was getting dragged by the 100 pound beast), it struck me that at the bottom there was a 10' cliff that ended in jagged rocks before becoming a raging river.  Whoopsie.

Miniature donkey

I slammed on the brakes and with all my strength reeled in the dreadful donkey.  We charged up the hill (read: Jethro galloped and bucked about up the hill while I was getting dragged) only to find ourselves in the middle of a lush field.  The little donkey was shocked and dove right into the grass.

Horse rearing

But then the human made him go home and the donkey became dreadful once again.


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