October 1, 2014

Perfect lil' Pony

Ypke has really been about as awesome as can be lately.  Ever since fair, there has yet to be any major disagreements between us (of course, there is the occasional small thing). It has been super nice to just enjoy riding instead of finding myself getting into a bickering fest with her every 5 seconds. 
Fjord horse

For the longest time I actually dreaded having to go and work with and ride Ypke.  I was constantly scared of the possibility of her spooking, me falling off, her taking advantage of my nervousness, etc.  Riding is supposed to be a FUN time, not a time where you are terrified of becoming roadkill.  From the second day of fair through the present time I haven't been filled with fear being around Ypke, I have been actually been ENJOYING myself.  Can you imagine?  Someone actually enjoying being around horses?  Impossible.

I have noticed that not being a tense mess has actually helped my equitation a lot.  My leg is getting much steadier, my shoulders are a lot farther back (still have to work on them though), my arms are no longer as straight as boards, etc.  Now that I am actually relaxed I can look half decent in pictures.

Since suddenly becoming a heck of a lot braver, I have been living a life that the old me would have considered, "quite reckless."  I ride her around hands free, I have been practicing neck reining on a loose rein the majority of our rides, etc.  I have also been working with her on things I wouldn't have normally done such as leg yielding, which she can be quite the whiz at.

Unfortunately, now that summer is over I am a busy person now.  I have only been riding once a week, and the pony has become quite fat. 


  1. I agree, it's always nice when riding is fun!!

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  3. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself these days. I went through a period too when I was not enjoying riding because the horse I was riding was taking advantage of my inexperience and things were doing downhill. I had to do lots of groundwork and become more assertive for things to turn around. If you had asked me at the time, I would have said I was being assertive and dominant… but I really was being a wishy washy door mat and she knew it. ;-)

  4. sounds like your hard work is really coming together now! i really look forward to reading more about your training adventures :)


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