January 11, 2014

Introduction To My Blog

I was raised on a small hobby ranch and never had any interest whatsoever in horses. In January 2012, I decided that I was going to start taking riding lessons and the rest is history. My whole plan was to purchase a beginner safe Norwegian Fjord horse to take lessons with. After trying out two Fjords, I bought Ypke.  I thought that she was the most tolerant, sweetest, safest horse you could ever own.  How perfect!

Ypke (pronounced ip-cuh) at a NFHR evaluation

There was only one problem...

I had no idea how to work with a horse! Unfortunately, those 1 hour weekly lessons were just not enough, and she assumed the role of the alpha mare and took advantage of every single weakness in my horsemanship abilities. After talking to different riders and trainers, I received solutions anywhere from "Just ignore it" to "Whip her until she respects you," but none of those seemed appropriate. 

There was one thing I was sure about with Ypke — she loved food and would do anything for food. I researched different methods that involved food until I found out about clicker training. After just a few short slicker sessions, I had a completely different horse. She was still disrespectful, but not to such a great extent. Gradually, I was able to enjoy riding her and worry about my equitation instead of falling off. Is she still a pain at times? Of course! She is far from perfect, but we have improved by leaps and bounds. It may not seem like it, but if you had seen us a year ago you would be shocked by the change. 

"Chronicles of a Moody Mare" will chronicle my adventures with Ypke.  Throughout our struggles and successes, feel free to laugh at us.


  1. Typical mare... Best of luck.

  2. Mares!

    Mine's kind of low rung on the totem pole (not quite omega, but not alpha or beta) and with my Haffie gelding being totally oblivious to her most of the time in the next corral over, she kind of doesn't have that same life she had as a pasture horse. I think she's happier for it, but she does tend to try and push my buttons.

    Your gal's super cute boots! I've always liked Fjords, and I think if I hadn't gone for the blonde bombshell look of the Haflinger, I might have tried a Fjord. I might yet, someday!


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