January 19, 2014

Day 2 - The Last Time You Rode and What You Worked On

Due to weather, the last time I rode was 1/16/14. I thought all would go well; after all, there was no bucking on the lunge line, and she was as sweet as sweet can be while I was getting her ready.  Plus, she was as close to perfect as you can get the day before. The weather was great, so it would be wonderful if she was too!

 Gawk, gawk, gawk.

"You want me to do my western jog; well I would like to do my extended trot.  Are you asking me to soften?  Ehhhh, how 'bout no."

The ride didn't go very well.  I pretty much just worked on getting her to not gawk.  A lot of direction changes and transitions ensued, which helped a little. My goal by the end of the ride was to get her to do a free rein walk without looking everywhere with a sky high head. The goal was achieved, but I was still a little bit disappointed with how it went.  

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  1. Funny! I think we have all been in the same situation. I love your writing style and the graphics really add to the story.


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