February 12, 2014

A Wacky Wednesday: When Horses Attack...

A tale of misfortune from January 2013.

It started out like any typical late afternoon as I walked up to the barn to bring the horses in for the evening. I noticed that my neighbor's horse (henceforth known as The Kraken) was loose, which isn't uncommon, and figured I would just catch her and put her back in her field after Ypke and the mafia were put away. As we all know, sometimes the simplest of plans takes a wrong turn.

I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Could it have been the mediocre cafeteria food acting up? No, no, it wasn't that. 

"Do you think she will attack?" I asked my mom as I walked out the door.

"She isn't going to attack!" My mom replied with a laugh.

I began to walk up to the barn and was halfway there when it all began. All of a sudden, I heard a bloodcurdling squeal and oncoming hooves. I whirled around only to see that the horse was running straight at me. The Kraken had been released.

This was no Pirates of the Caribbean drill, this was the real deal!  I scrambled jumped over the fence with seconds to spare before the Kraken turned around and gave me a good ol' double barrel.  The barrels blew a hole right through the fencepost.

As the Kraken was raising heck, I whirled around at the sound of oncoming hooves yet again. The cannons had arrived! This time it was Ypke, and I was trapped between two angry mares. Great, just my luck. Was Ypke here to finish me off or to rescue me?  Friend or foe?

I fell slid through the fence panels and ran to the house. It was painful to watch the fence panels breaking like twigs... The Kraken was about to break the walls down. All of a sudden, The Kraken fled along the deep depths of the driveway. The battle wasn't over yet though, and The Kraken came back for another go! She galloped along the fence lines, searching for a way into the pasture and raised heck among the horses.

As this was happening, her owner was driving by. Needless to say her owner, shocked at the sight, slammed on the brakes before speeding off to their house. A short while later they had a bucket of grain and a halter.  When The Kraken heard the bucket shaking, she stopped, spun around, and cantered quickly right at her owner.  Not going to lie, I was thinking that her owner was going to be trampled.

But alas, the tale isn't over yet!  The Kraken calmed down and began to act like a sweet little puppy.  To this day, The Kraken still comes by for a visit. While The Kraken and Ypke had to sort out their difference over the fence, they have come to be buddies.

Ypke (L) and the Kraken (R)


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