March 6, 2014

Blog Hop: 7 Deadly Sins

L. from Viva Carlos came up with this great blog hop!


Seven great things/strengths in your riding life
  1. Ypke - While she may challenge me a lot, she truly has taught me tons.  Everybody needs to ride a naughty pony at least once in their life!
  2. Humility - I am not afraid to call myself an idiot and accept that I make mistakes.  Live, learn, and be open to learning new things! 
  3. Clicker training - I am so glad that I that I stumbled across clicker training.  It truly does help!
  4. My trainer - She works well with Ypke, and she explains things in a manner that is (typically) easy for me to understand. 
  5. A truck and trailer - Makes hauling to vet for emergencies, and going to events much more easier.  Having a truck and trailer truly does make your mind more at peace, knowing you will be ready in case of certain emergencies or events. Now if only my horse was a good loader... all in due time, all in due time.
  6. My facility - Several acres of pastures, an obstacle arena, a 55' in diameter roundpen, a wannabe dressage arena, a decent tack room, a stock, four 12x12 stalls with additional 12x12 runs, etc.  You can view it here. Definitely isn't anything super fancy, but it is better than a lot of places!
  7. A fantastic vet and farrier - Seriously, I need to do a blog post dedicated to Ypke's beautiful barefoot, rock solid hooves; they are gorgeous.  Ypke's vet is so patient and dedicated; I love how he explains everything as he goes along and is more than willing to answer any questions.  I also like how he won't swindle you into paying a whole lotta $$$$ on tests if he knows they aren't nessarcary.  .


Seven things you lack or covet for you or your horse

  1. Unlimited funds - Does this need an explanation?
  2. Confidence - I envy people that have unshakeable confidence.  When I see people keeping their cool on rearing, bucking, and crazy horses, all I can do is wonder how they aren't crying out of fear.
  3. Indoor arenas - I have never really wished for an indoor arena; the weather around here isn't typically bad.  These past three months as far as weather goes? HORRIBLE!  I so want an indoor arena.
  4. Miles upon miles of trails nearby - It would be so nice and convenient not have to haul anywhere. 
  5. Good weather - Is there even such a thing this year?
  6. Horses who have minions - Yes, I am looking right at you, Shyloh. Ypke needs a set of minions.
  7. Designer/custom apparel and tack - Let's face it, who doesn't want to upgrade?


Seven things that make you angry

  1. Horses that refuse to load - Ypke will be a good loader one day.  One day, I say!
  2. Wannabe horse trainers - Need I say more?
  3. Unpolished/dirty tack - Honestly, I would polish people's tack for free.  It looks so pretty and smells oh-so nice when it is clean.
  4. Abuse and neglect - Two questions: 1.) Why take it out on the horse? 2.) Why own a horse if you don't want to take care of it?
  5. When the Kraken escapes - You can view the story of the Kraken (aka the crazy pyscho horse) here.
  6. Increasing prices - This goes for everything really.
  7. Ignorance
I must be butter 'cause I'm on a roll!


Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on 

  1. I am too lazy to take pictures.
  2. I let Ypke's snazzy mohawk get too long.
  3. I don't wash saddle pads super often.
  4. I don't wipe the dirt/mud off my boots before entering the tack room. 
  5. I always let the grain supply run low.
  6. I don't brush Ypke's tail very often.
  7. Not blogging frequently! 


Seven most expensive things you own for your horse/riding
  1. Trailer - 2013 Exiss straight load w/ ramp, warmblood sized.
  2. Ypke!
  3. Pasture fencing - 3 rail vynl fence
  4. My helmet - Charles Owen AYR8
  5. Saddle pads - EquiPedic, ImpactGel, Fleeceworks, Thinline, Back on Track, etc. 
  6. Saddles 
  7. Hay - After all, Queen Ypke of Narnia can't consume anything except top of the line hay.


Seven guilty pleasures or favorite items
  1. Owning a Fjord
  2. Watching people drool about how cool looking Ypke is -  Please continue to stroke my ego.
  3. Polishing tack frequently  - To most people tack polishing is a mere chore, but I absolutely love it.
  4. Having Ypke on my family's property
  5. Riding
  6. Ypke never having a lame day in her life - *knock on wood*
  7. Giving Ypke a spa day - She doesn't really enjoy it, but I do!


Seven things you love about horses and riding
  1. Stress relief - There is something about horses that just sucks away any ounce of stress.  (Unless of course, you are stressing over an injured horse)
  2. The smell - Nothing like the smell of horses, leather tack, and grain!
  3. The feeling of accomplishment - Who love that sense of accomplishment that comes along?
  4. Happiness - It is hard to stay sad when horses are around.
  5. The mental and physical benefits 
  6. The versatility - You can do a lot with horses!  Cattle sorting, reining, western pleasure, trail riding, jumping, dressage, cross country, eventing, vaulting, etc.
  7. The friendships - It is always great to make friends that have things in common with you (aka: a love of horses)


  1. Every horse needs minions! At least two.

  2. Ypke is so cute, and Humility is a great thing to have in this sport!


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