April 6, 2014

Return of Jethro the MINIon

For those of you who don't know, Jethro was born in late January 2014, so he will not actually be coming to our barn until late May since he needs to be with his mom.

Baby donkey
Jethro the day we met him, he was only a month old in this picture
Luckily, he is still the exact same as when I left him, just bigger and less of an awkward baby!  It is so neat watching him grow.

I brushed him and practiced picking up his hooves, and he stood nicely for both. His main issue is that he isn't keen on selfies; I kept trying to take some, but he would turn his head away or back up whenever I tried. Selfie shy I suppose? Whatever, Jethro, be that way.

Baby donkey
Fail attempt at a conformation photo

Baby donkey
He has eyes, folks, no worries!

Baby donkey
Sweet little Jethro!
Baby donkey
Hey there, little man!
In other Jethro news, his little facility is being constructed!  We are over halfway done now, just waiting on a guy to put up the fence.  I will be sure to write a blog post of it for you all.


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