May 28, 2014

The Donkey Dorm

Well, it is official!  Jethro is coming home! By this time next week, I will officially have a donkey weanling, so it seems only fitting to write up a post about his new crib.  Without further ado, here is the Donkey Dorm!

 Front view w/ the doors closed

Front view w/ the doors open

Here is the feeding area of the shelter.  Pretty straight forward: hay trough, salt block, and water bucket along with some extra space for turning around and what not.  The piece of wood on the ground is for keeping the wood chips in his bedroom from mixing in with the dining room.  The purpose for the black U-channel is just for planning ahead.  In the event that we get another donkey and it didn't get along with Jethro, we would be able to stack up some wood, thus making a wall/divider between them.

Jethro's bedroom

Entrance to the pantry/closet

View from the doorway

This is is the pantry.  The hay will be resting upon this; the main purpose is to keep the hay off the ground and to allow some airflow while doing so.

The closet 

This spigot is conveniently located right next to the dorm.  You can also see a wine barrel in the background; there is one barrel on each side of the dorm.  Non-toxic flowers reside in them.

This gate leads into Ypke's pasture.  However, they won't be turned out together until Jethro is a little bit older.  Once he is old enough we will make some modifications that way he can go to and from his area and Ypke's pasture, but so that Ypke can't enter Jethro's Junction.  

Entryway/view of it all

Total - 12x15
Closet/pantry - 4x15
Bedroom and dining room - 8x15


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