May 27, 2014

The odds are in our favor

The odds seem to be in our favor today!

First off, thank you for commenting- I love hearing other's insight.  The farrier and her son (who wanted to meet a real horse from Frozen) came over.  As it turns out, she is just sloughing off her frogs. The plentiful amount of ricotta cheese is actually just the dead frog tissue underneath a new layer of frog... it was essentially just trapped under there.  In other words, it isn't a big deal at all.  In the time I have had Ypke, I don't recall her ever having her frogs fall off, .  

Definitely not canker, so that is wonderful.  I have to say, I was quite stressed when a lot of sources said it is typically seen in the hind hooves of draft horses and starts out looking like thrush.  

So pretty much the diagnosis is that I am a neurotic, paranoid, obsessive horse owner and Ypke is fine. Note to self: quit Googling symptoms and believing that your horse has a life-threatening ailment. Seek the advice of a professional in-person instead!

On the flip side, I did get to learn a lot about canker and various hoof infections AND a child's dream came true after meeting one of the Frozen horses.  ;)


  1. I missed your last post but glad to hear it isn't anything serious. We can all be obsessive horse owners from time to time. :)

  2. Still pretty gross, but glad it wasn't anything serious!

  3. Whew! Glad it was nothing serious!

  4. Glad everything is OK! The ricotta cheese description sounds pretty gross and I would have freaked out as well.


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