May 26, 2014

The odds are never in our favor

Well as of lately it seems as if the odds are never in Ypke's or myself's favor.  Help me, please.

Some things to note before I tell the tale:
-I live in the desert, there is hardly any moisture
-Her stall is cleaned daily, so it isn't like she stands in muck
-She is UTD on hoof trimming
-She gets around 3 hours of turnout a day
-She has never had any history of health/soundness problems

I went up to the barn to give Ypke a spa day today.   All was going perfectly until I cleaned out her back hooves. There was a crumbly, white, ricotta-cheese-like substance coming out of her frog in both back hooves. It was SUPER deep, I couldn't seem to stop getting it out. I didn't notice any odor. She showed no signs of pain or lameness while walking around. There was no heat. Just A LOT of ricotta cheese.

My first thought was thrush so I used the diluted bleach solution and attempted to get it nice and clean.  However, after doing more research, I'm wondering if it could be canker? Not sure. Now, I didn't even know what that was until today, but here is some basic info that I have found for those of you who don't know much about it either...
1.) It starts out looking like thrush.
2.) It later spreads to other parts of the hoof.
3.) It is hard to treat.
4.) It is very rare.
5.) It is seen in both well cared for horses as well as poorly cared for horses.
6.) Nobody knows what causes it.

I guess all I can do is research and call the vet out tomorrow.  I'm hoping that it is just thrush or a minor infection. Any thoughts?


  1. I had never heard of that until I googled it... Not for the faint of heart. I hope that whatever it is gets taken care of quickly and isn't too serious.

    Houston got a weird squishy frog when I had to wrap around his heal for his last injury and it looked gross but mostly flakey and too soft. My vet wasn't overly concerned and it ended up resolving itself with some stuff that is apparently used for fungus treatment in cow udders I think (weird I know). A farriers opinion might be helpful too?

    Fingers crossed.

    1. Definitely not for the faint of heart! I'm very glad that canker isn't what she had. :)

  2. I am pretty sure it is not canker, I knew a horse that had that. It could be thrush or white line, but without moisture, it is doubtful. It is possible that the hoof is just exfoliating itself. Or it could be a bacterial or fungal infection of another sort. Is she lame at all? Is there any way she could get more turnout? I agree with Hillary, a farrier's opinion would be helpful. Thinking of you guys, let us know the update!

    1. Thank you! You were right- the frog was just exfoliating itself. :)


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