June 17, 2014

Two Weeks of Jethro

Once upon a time there was a miniature donkey named Jethro.

Jethro loved spa sessions and would happily stand for grooming and Show Sheen.

He also enjoyed going to the salon to get a new donkeydo!

As much as Jethro enjoyed spa days, he loved his morning walks the most.

He was a brave little boy and had no issues crossing bridges, tarps, and the like.

However, there was one thing Jethro didn't like... BATH TIME!

Jethro was a sensible little lad, got over himself, and became a pack donkey.
The end.

I took Jethro to 4-H meeting the other day.  He loaded right up, hauled fine, and kept his cool.  There were constantly little kids around him petting him everywhere and he didn't seem to care.  I did a showmanship pattern with him for the first time, and he actually did okay!  It involved leading from the off side, haunch turns, forehand turns, and trotting. He didn't want to trot, but he can do a mean haunch turn :)  


  1. LOL, that bath picture is pathetic. Poor Jethro!

  2. Jethro is way too cute! Love the pack donkey photo :)

  3. He's still the most adorable thing ever! And I agree with Carly that bath picture is pretty pathetic, lol!


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