August 25, 2014

Ponytail Products

As most of you know, Ypke and Jethro went to the county fair last week. Ponytail Products kindly sent me their Show Pony Shine (a high gloss serum for manes and tails) to glitz Ypke and Jethro up for the special occasion. I really like clean, shiny ponies so I was interested to see how spiffed up I could get these two.

The packaging is quite simply slick and elegant. The scent is absolutely lovely as well — definitely a relaxing aroma. To up the ante, they also use human grade ingredients. In fact, after reading the ingredients list you don't have to search up words on Google!

ponytail products

Ypke's coat itself is always super shiny, but her tail and forelock tend to be rather frizzy and dull. I figured that she would be an excellent horse to put this product to the test. I poured the serum onto my hands and began to rub it into her tail and was pleasantly surprised. You know how sometimes when you get conditioner/shine serums on your hands and they begin to feel super sticky and disgusting? This was definitely not the case! It easily soaked into her tail, and I hardly had any left on my hands after I rubbed it all into her hair. Plus, my palms felt super duper soft afterwards — this stuff is practically lotion as well!

I did notice that her mane and tail were a lot less tangled and frizzy, and they had a bit more shine too.

long horse tail

I decided to test the product out on myself as well. After a long day of showing at the fair, I had to give a public presentation, and my hair was an absolute disaster. It was tangled, sweaty, and smelly — just great! I used a small amount of the serum and massaged it into my hair. The tangles literally disappeared and my hair was shinier and softer than usual. Don't confuse shiny with greasy — it did not make my hair greasy/stringy in the slightest bit. I got the highest score possible for physical appearance/neatness, so the product must have done something right :)

Furthermore, I also decided to test it out on my mom's horse. The left picture is before and the right it after. The pictures speak for themselves!

ponytail productsponytail products

**Disclosure: Ponytail Products sent me the Show Pony Shine free of charge for review purposes. While I did receive this product at no expense, all thoughts expressed in this review are based off of my own experiences. Despite my experience being positive, I cannot guarantee their products.**


  1. i see the biggest visual difference on your mom's horse! quite a big difference for sure... is there a list of the ingredients? i'm curious what they have in there...

    1. There is only like a dozen ingredients. The list can be found here

  2. WOW What a difference! Very impressive!!

  3. Thanks for the review! There are so many mane and tail products out there - it's great to hear what works. I definitely need to work on cleaning and detangling my horse's mane and tail. Your horses are beautiful!


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