August 12, 2014

Ypke is the best!

I couldn't have asked for a better horse last Thursday at our 4-H ride meet! Here is a brief summary of it all.

Our first showmanship pattern was a complete fail, mostly due to me not giving clear instruction of what I wanted — I pretty much relied on her to figure it out.  During our second try I actually communicated to her what exactly I was asking, and she did very well.  Communicating works wonders.

For riding this time I was much less nervous.  It seemed like Ypke felt that I wasn't about to puke out of nervousness, and she really had a "go with the flow" mindset.  There were eight other horses in the arena with us, and she didn't get distracted once.  She was listening super duper well and did everything (be it halting, backing, changing directions, circling, moving out, or slowing down) right when I asked.  Yay, Ypke!