September 6, 2014

Soul selling and other shenanigans

Really, it is no lie that Ypke was awesome at fair as far as riding goes. That said, there was one huge tad issue though that posed a threat to the general public's safety — she refused to enter the barn.

I can't say I blame her — the barns were HOT even with all of the fans, and she had never been stalled for a week straight before. In true Ypke manner, she adamantly refused to do something she didn't want to do. Seeing as how we were constantly taking her in and out of the barn, we had a problem on our hands.

Throughout the years of owning Ypke, I have found that she is a very intelligent beastie who senses patterns easily and knows how to put two and two together. This proved to a be a problem when all 1100lbs. of her decided to go barreling back 30 feet into a sea of people... all in an effort to avoid the dreaded toaster.

First we did a simple trick: having her follow a steady eddy horse nose-to-tail.  It worked...once.  Then the madness of her flying back happened.

Then THEY came, like vultures swooping in to devour some sorry animal. By "they," I mean the people who think they are God's greatest gift to man kind — the wannabe trainers who get all up in your face with their "training" advice.

It is almost like people just assume I am a complete idiot who hasn't tried any common sense tactics, and I received many:
"Have you tried having her follow another horse?"
"Have you tried treats?"
"Have you tried lunging her when she doesn't go in?"
"Have you tried backing her in?"

I also received many comments such as:
"Just use a whip!"
"If nobody was around, I would give her a beating she would remember."
"Have you tried a stud chain?"
"Don't let her back, PULL!" Hahaha, like I can out-muscle a Fjord of all horses.
"You will never get her in."
"You aren't being tough enough with her."

Then of course, the one I always dread:
"Let me try!"

To up the ante, there was constantly children surging up behind Ypke wanting to meet the horse from Frozen. The inattentiveness of some parents never ceases to amaze me.Yes, let your kids try to run underneath a misbehaving horse! Great idea! Then, of course, there were some snobs standing around, enjoying us struggling to get her in the barn. Fun! Luckily my 4-H group is awesome, and they really did help us out a lot.


After a while, someone brought out this epic sweet feed that is practically like crack for horses, and Ypke waltzed right into the barn. She wouldn't go in for her usual grain, peppermint treats, carrots, apples, or hay.  However, she was willing to sell her soul for this mystical brand of sweet feed. Yup, I found out the source and proceeded to stock up on our own supply!


  1. LOL sounds like quite the experience...

  2. Curiosity, what type of sweet feed? Sounds like an adventure....

    1. It is Triple Crown Senior. Never a dull moment with Ypke!

  3. I hate all the "help" people try to provide! It would be a lot easier of they just went away and let me deal with it, unless I asked. Glad the sweet feed worked though!

  4. Wow, definitely sounds like an adventure! Glad the Triple Crown Senior helped - it's a great feed, horses think it's yummy, and it's a good, high-fat, nutritious feed.

  5. Hahaha! I totally know what you're talking about...Spot is the same way with stuff, when she sets her mind about something it becomes a hostage negotiation lol. TC Senior is pretty awesome too, she'll wolf it down even when I hide nasty supplements in it.

    1. The struggle is real with these types of horses, the struggle is real. Thank goodness for TC Senior though!

  6. But she totally is the pony from Frozen y'anno! ;)

    1. Indeed! Can't say I blame them for running up to her, haha!

  7. Too funny. Glad you found out about the "miracle feed" -- all the better to lure her with! ;-)

    1. Sometimes you just have to use bribery to lure them into the depths of a toaster barn, ya know?


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