November 9, 2014

The Dogkey

When I do spend time with Jethro, we usually have quite an adventure.  In fact, recently we got lost in the woods during a rainstorm on one of our walks.  However, that isn't the most exciting news of these past few weeks.  Get this: Jethro is actually a dog x donkey hybrid, aka a dogkey.  Dogkeys enjoy long walks, cuddling, and most of all: Frisbee.

Tricks to teach a donkey

Yup, I taught Jethro how to play Frisbee.

With clicker training.

In all of 10 minutes.

What a smart ass!

Being the easily amused person I am, I got to thinking about what tricks I could teach Jethro.  Bowing, sitting, and all those shenanigans are too mainstream.  Jethro is no mainstream mini.  Jethro is a sassmaster who needs to channel his sass by doing something outside of the box.  Jethro needs to play Frisbee.

I started out by just having him touch the Frisbee with his nose, just like targeting.  After he got that down, I threw the Frisbee and had him run over and touch it with his nose.  Cue a lot of treats, clicks, and praise.  Once he got this down, I had him hold the Frisbee in his mouth.  Furthermore, I threw the Frisbee and had him pick it up and bring it back. 


Donkey playing Frisbee. Not something you see everyday, huh?