January 1, 2015

2015 Goals

It's that time of year again - New Year's goals and resolutions.
Horse bucking

Horse Goals
Ride more consistently - School this year is fast paced and difficult, so my riding schedule is non-existent.  To be honest, I haven't ridden once since early November.  Ypke needs to see more civilization before she goes mad!
Canter - This one is simple, yet hard for me... I need to suck it up and canter on Ypke.  She is becoming more and more reliable (watch my next ride be awful after I write this...) so *maybe* that will help with my nerves.  Even if it is just a stride! 
Go on a trail ride - In the whole time I have had Ypke we have never gone out on a trail.  We've hauled to different arenas, we've ridden in a parade, we've been to the fair, and we have done obstacle courses, but never a legit trail ride.  Granted, I have never had anyone available to ride with me, and I don't want Ypke to be the only horse out there.
Get showmanship figured out - At home we are okay, I mean, we square, trot in hand, and do forehand turns alright.  Standing still, haunch turns turns, and side-passing?  Haha, nope!  At fair during showmanship I was "that" girl.  Ypke was dancing everywhere, whinnying, backing up, swinging into other horses, looking around like a maniac, etc.  I do not want that to happen again, so time to practice!
Work on upper body equitation - Shoulders BACK!  Elbows BENT!
Ride without stirrups more often.
Fjord in the snow
Blog Goals
Move to my own domain name - Let's face it, chroniclesofamoodymare.blogspot.com is waaaaay to long. 
Revamp/redesign the blog - Not a fan of the current look!


  1. "Shoulders BACK! Elbows BENT!"

    I'm convinced that warm-up rings only need one trainer, or possibly a tape recorder, in the middle saying sit down, sit back, look up ..... Doesn't even matter which discipline.

  2. good luck with those goals - sounds like most of them should be attainable if that crazy school schedule ever calms down!

    i'll also be curious to hear about how your work on your showmanship stuff. with our season of non riding fast approaching, i'm always super interested in learning more about groundwork!!

    1. Thank you! I will definitely keep everyone posted on our showmanship progress :)

  3. I feel you on the canter! I don't understand what my issue is because it used to be my favorite gait, but on a green horse who likes to crow hop it's downright terrifying! Let's make this year our year to canter a lot!!


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