March 27, 2015

Fjord of the Month: Koriakin of Narnia

It's time for another Fjord of the Month!  This month's Fjord is owned by dressage rider Wendy Luscombe.  He dressages, he jumps, he hits the trails, he needs to be a model, and he also happens to be Ypke's half brother!  Introducing Koriakin of Narnia!

Basic info on Koriakin...
Nicknames (if any): Kori, Harrison Fjord
Age: 14
Height: 14.2
Personality: scarily intelligent, highly manipulative and very sensitive. Quite the personality to work with.

Fjord horse
Remember how I said he needs to be a model? Yup.
Photo sent by Wendy

How did you first get involved with Fjords?  How did you acquire Koriakin?
I first got involved with Fjords in 1999. I was at the Regional championships riding Arabs when I saw this lady with a Fjord.  They did really well in the Regionals, but what struck me was her relationship with her Fjord, how easy he was to be around and how much they adored one another. I was smitten and bought my first Fjord, Kingston, from Beaver Dam Farm. Kori was my second Fjord, he came through Beaver Dam where he was for sale on consignment from the Narnia Stud. He travelled from Narnia in British Columbia to Nova Scotia, where BD was, to me in New York.

What has been your greatest accomplishment with Kori so far?

Being on the short list for the National Dressage Championships and coming 5th in Regionals in a class of 35 where he was the only pony in the class. Also winning 12 USDF All Breed Awards on him - OK so that is more than one greatest accomplishment!

Fjord horse dressage
Taking a victory lap at the Regional Championships
Photo sent in by Wendy

From your experience, how do Fjords compare in dressage to the usual warmbloods that are commonly seen?

Some warmbloods may have better dressagey movement, although I rarely get below 7 on my gaits on my Fjords in the test collective scores and have had 8s which is about the same as I had on my Warmbloods when I rode them. Where Fjords are the best is their nature and their willingness to help their rider. They are not ear pinning snapping turtles!!

Fjord horse dressage
Kori doing a demo at Devon Horse Show
Photo sent in by Wendy

What are some of his quirks and favorite things?
When Kori decides he does (or does not want) to do something he will get his own way by manipulating me into doing what he wants. Kori definitely has me trained. I have known him to go lame when he does not want to do something and then go,perfectly sound when he has got his way. He also does "Poor Fjord" expression which is to put on this terribly pained expression to show how much he is silently "suffering."

Fjord horse dressage
Kori and Wendy winning the East Coast Pony Cup
Photo sent in by Wendy

Does Kori partake in any disciplines besides dressage?
Kori is amazingly athletic but does want his secret let out. He jumps and trail rides. He has competed in jumper shows and we hope to do a horse trials with him this spring. He also did a jumping demo last Fall at Equine Affaire and cleared 4'3". He really loves jumping and if he does not consider the jump to be high enough for him, he just jumps what height he wants. I have videos of him clearing a 3' high 4' wide over by at least 2'. He has also jumped the entire grid of 4 cavaletti - distance of over 20' just because he felt like it - Poor Fjord!

Fjord horse jumping
Kori and Eleni at the Equine Affair demo
Photo sent in by Wendy
Fjord horse jumping
Kori getting some air
Photo sent in by Wendy
A big thank you to Wendy and Kori!  If you are interested in having your Fjord be the Fjord of the Month, a feature that takes place on the final Friday of each month, send an email to themoodymareblog at gmail dot com


  1. Kori is beautiful!! i definitely chuckled a bit at the 'highly manipulative' part tho - my arab mare has me trained too so i get it :)

    1. Haha, I know! It is the same way with Ypke and I.

  2. kori is stunning! he sounds like fun to be around and work with.

  3. What a gorgeous guy! It's so awesome that they were shortlisted for the finals!


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