April 19, 2015

Life Lessons from Ypke

Throughout the three years that I have had the pleasure of owning Ypke, she has taught me many lessons.  These particular life skills are useful both in and out of the saddle.  This list may sound cheesy, but since Ypke just turned 13 a couple days ago, I figured she deserved some recognition for the values she has beaten (quite literally) into me.
Kind horse eye

1. Be patient
Getting frustrated just because things aren't going quite right helps nothing; in fact, it tends to escalate the situation, thus making matters even worse.

2. Listen
To be blunt, sometimes you just have to be quiet and listen.  You can miss a lot because you are too busy being demanding instead of listening to the replies.

3. If you fall down, stand up
because you might get trampled if you don't  Unless something is seriously wrong or you aren't ready to stand, then quit wallowing in the dirt because it might stain your clothes and get up.  Laying on the ground whilst having a fit won't solve matters.

Miniature donkey
Jethro also wants partial credit for this list

4. Take responsibility
If you make a mistake, own up to it and move on.  Don't blame your own problems on someone or something else, because really, a.) it doesn't even matter b.) nobody cares, and c.) you can't fix the past.  You waste time by playing the blame game when you could just take responsibility for your own actions and carry on with your life.

5. Work hard
You can't truly succeed if you slack off and don't give things your best effort.

6. Stay humble
Just when you think you are the best thing since sliced bread, you will fail.  And your horse will probably be laughing at you.  And there will most likely be other people around.  And you will be embarrassed.  //personal experience - "Wow!  This is the best she's ever been!" aaaand I got launched literally a millisecond later.//
Horse grazing

7.  Have an open mind
It's easy to get discouraged and close yourself into a pessimistic frame of mind.  If you are always thinking: "Oh, I won't ride over there because I will fall off again," or "Well, I won't use the mounting block today because she gets fidgety," and the list continues, then what are you really accomplishing?  Running away from everything won't solve the issue.  It may be difficult, but you have to actually go out there and do something about it.


  1. Great list! I too have experience with the humble one. I wasn't bragging, but just when I thought things were going well last year, I fell. Thankfully, nothing has happened recently but horses certainly keep you humble.

    1. It never fails, does it? Just when it seems everything is going well, something goes wrong, haha

  2. great list! and happy bday Ypke! 1 & 2 are definitely harder for me sometimes, haha - but oh so important!

    1. I agree - I think that 1 and 2 are the most challenging ones for me at times as well.

  3. that's a perfect list. i totally agree with your sentiments :) ypke always sounds like such a ham. and jethro... TOO CUTE!

    1. Yup, I guess you could say she has a *tad* bit of a personality. Haha

  4. Happy belated birthday Ypke!! Great list! Not cheesy at all. :)


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