June 29, 2015

First Ride of the Year!

I rode Ypke for the first time in 7 months yesterday.  Man, is it good to be back!

Fjord horse going Western
I figured it might be a good idea to ride Western on the first day back...
Now you might be wondering, "Hannah, y u no ride ur horse???"  I've never been a fan of excuses, but here are mine: bad weather, school, and having zero motivation after three hours of homework.  School ruins everything, but then again, the sky being pitch black by 4pm and lack of arena lights didn't help matters.  Summer rolled around and I was like, "Ride horses all day! Yay!" That was short lived because I went on vacation and came back to 113° weather.

Colorful Equine Custom Fly Masks
In the meantime, she got to do what she loves - eat grass
I resumed my weekly riding lessons last Friday, and I was honestly glad it was blazing hot out.  Ypke is fat and lazy so throwing tantrums in this kind of weather isn't a likely option for her.  She was very calm, though a tad stubborn while being lunged.  My trainer's daughter hopped on first and cantered around for a bit before I took the reins.  Ypke actually seemed to enjoy being active and was more than willing to putz around for me.  We went around and around in circles at the walk and trot, and while there were several breaks in gait occasionally, I was very pleased with how it went considering all of the time off.
Extended horse trot

Everything was nice and peaceful, and surprisingly, she wasn't all that stiff. Definitely a good way for the first ride of the year to go!


  1. Good job. Where is that fly mask from?

    1. Thanks! It is from Colorful Equine Custom Fly Masks.

  2. wow i had no idea!! hopefully you get the opportunity to get back into it more regularly again.

    1. Me too! I think the lessons will definitely help start things back up :)

  3. Glad you were able to find some saddle time :)


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