November 29, 2015

TRM Blog Hop: 25 Questions

Shoutout to Cathryn of That Red Mare for giving me something to post about.

Fjord in the snow

1. Mares or Geldings? Why?
 Mares. I’ve always been around mares, and have never really gotten along with geldings unless they are donkeys. 

2. Green-broke or Fully Broke?
 Fully broke, preferably as close to bombproof as possible. While I love challenges, I don't love them when it comes to horses. I want a horse that will happily putz around with me and not bat an eye at whatever is thrown at them.

3. Would you own a “hotter” breed (ie. Arabian, Trakhener, etc).
Well, Trakheners aren't in the budget and I am generally not too fond of Arabians, so *probably* not.  The calmer the better!

4. What was your “dream horse” growing up?
 Back in the day I had dreams of a jet black thoroughbred gelding fresh off the track.  Good thing that didn't happen.

5. What kind of bit(s) do you use and why?
 I believe my love for Myler bits is well documented on the blog.  Their comfort snaffle line is definitely Ypke's favorite, and I usually ride her in the dee-ring comfort snaffle w/ hooks and a copper roller.

6. Helmets or no helmets?
Helmet 100% of the time!

7. Favorite horse color?
 Grullas and sooty duns by far!  Shiny dappled bays are also great.

8. Least favorite horse color?
 Double Dilute coats and blue eyes.  But the worst is definitely a color called "I love rolling in mud puddles, especially after being groomed."

Muddy horse
Hideous, isn't it?

9. Dressage or Jumping?
 As far as me riding goes, definitely dressage. Watching? Sorry, but watching dressage is like watching paint dry for me, so I will have to go with jumping.

10. How many years have you been riding?
 As far as "seriously" with lessons, 4 years.

11. Spurs/whip or no spurs/whip?
None. Ypke is forward (though still somehow lazy at the same time) so there is no need.

12. Your first fall?
My first fall was on the Fourth of July a few years back... I think it is fairly self explanatory what happened. It was 6:30am, and I cleverly thought I was avoiding the fireworks during the early lesson. Ypke was going great, and I happily called out, "She's perfect!" to my trainer. Literally 4 seconds after I said that a firework went off, Ypke teleported to the side super fast for about 15 feet, and I was tossed right off.

13. When was the last time you rode and what did you do?
Halloween (sadly), and we walked and trotted in circles around the arena while I took between the ear pictures.

Fjord horse mane

14. Most expensive piece of tack you own?
My saddle.

15. How old were you when you started riding?
I was just a teenybopper.

16. Leather or Nylon halters?
Leather — I love the classy look!

17. Leather or Synthetic saddles?
Leather by far, though it is nice how easy synthetic tack is to clean.

18. What “grip” of reins do you like?
I hoard reins, and I have to say that so far I haven't found a pair better than high quality laced reins.

19. English or Western?
When we are just putzing around I prefer Western but for working I would have to go with English. 

Fjord horse
Who am I kidding? We never work, she just stands there as I pet her.

20. How many horses do you currently own/lease?

21. Do you board your horse? Self-care/full board? Home board?

22. Have you ever had to put down a horse that you loved?

23. How many saddlepads do you have?
 A dozen-ish

24. Slant-load trailer or straight haul?
Well, I would prefer a slant, but it is Ypke's way or the highway, so the slant got traded in for a straight. 

25. Why do you ride?
Because I love it. It is very freeing and you can forget every bit of stress.


  1. I have to agree with you on the blue eyes one. They look a bit scary.

  2. haha what do you mean 'mud' is your least favorite color?!? lol

    1. I know, Ypke was quite shocked when I told her that!

  3. You and I had almost the exact same answer for #2! Hah

  4. I love this post! Haha. Thank you for participating - i"ll add you in :)

    1. And thank you for coming up with the questions! :)

  5. i had no idea what a double dilute coat is... i'm not all that well versed in horse coat genetics *shrug* but then read up and that's the colour combo of the little mare i ride! LOL she does look a little bit zombie-esque with those blue eyes!! but most of the time she's just covered in mud so aside from the eyes, i couldn't tell. LOLOL


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