January 1, 2016

Giveaway: Mrs. Conn's and Nicker Bait

The giveaway is over! Congrats to Warner Horses!
Thank you for making 2015 a great year for The Moody Mare! It is time to kick off 2016 with a giveaway! Due to the generosity of Mrs. Conn's Bath Sponges and Nicker Bait Horse Treats, one lucky winner can treat their horse to a spa day.  Please note that this giveaway is only available for those in the continental USA.   
All you have to do to enter is "like" the Facebook post that is embedded below before 9:00PM PST on 1/8/16.  If that doesn't work for you, just click this link instead.

Let’s kick off 2016 with a GIVEAWAY! One lucky person in the continental USA will win natural, nourishing shampoo-filled...
Posted by The Moody Mare on Friday, January 1, 2016
Here's the scoop on Mrs. Conn's:
-They offer cute, compostable sponges pre-loaded with shampoo.
-These natural, nourishing sponges do not contain nasty ingredients.
-There are five fun scents - Lemon Meringue, Oatmeal, Herbal Tea, Fruit Smoothie, and Desert Quencher. Each sponge specializes in something specific. Rain rot, mud fever, or ringworm? Use Desert Quencher. Dull coat and stains? Consider Lemon Meringue.
-Anne Conn, mastermind of the business, only utilizes American made, cruelty free goods and strives to make environmentally friendly products.
Here's the scoop on Nicker Bait:
-They specialize in soft, fresh horse treats.
-There are 3 main lines: standard Nicker Bait Cookies, Pill Camo (to make medicine more appealing to your horse), and Fit & Fancy (premium ingredients highlighted by coconut flour and oil).
-There are loads of delicious, unique flavors such as Peppermint Passion, Banana Chip, Candied Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin Spice.
-The (few) ingredients aren't scary and you don't have to turn to Google.  For example, their Peppermint Passion cookies only list oats, barley, molasses, flax, and peppermint candy. 


  1. happy new year! looks like a great giveaway. unfortunately i can't participate but best of luck to those participating.

    question about the sponges, are they multiple use? how many times? and can you use them for other animals too?

    1. I'm sorry, I wish those from Canada could join, though unfortunately their giveaway laws are a lot different than the USA. :(

      Yep, you can use them multiple times! The exact number depends on the size of the horse and how sudsy you make the bath. After all of the shampoo is gone, you can use the sponges for tack cleaning and scrubbing in general.

      I emailed Anne Conn, and she said that since their sponges are all natural and soap free they will not irritate the skin (and thus can be used on other animals). She also said they have a line called "Bath Day for Dogs" (http://www.bathdayfordogs.com/) which contains extra gentle ingredients that do not interfere with flea/tick treatments.

    2. that's too bad. alas. i actually didn't know that was a thing. considering we mostly do this for fun...? anyway...

      those sponges sound like a great idea!! and they're good to be repurposed for general purpose stuff like tack cleaning. i think the idea to use on dogs (or cats?) would be really ideal since there are more small animal owners than large. thanks for checking it out! i'm going to see what it's all about, myself.

  2. Those sponges are an interesting idea. Would love to try one.

    1. The sponges are definitely a fun, convenient option for bathing! Good luck in the giveaway :)

  3. Ive seen those sponges but never used them!! They intrigue me!

  4. I've heard so many good things about Nicker Bait cookies, but I've never actually tried them myself!

  5. Happy New Year! Thanks for hosting.

    1. Happy New Year to you too, and best of luck in the giveaway!


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