October 28, 2016

Surgery Update: 1 Month

Late last month, Jethro injured his mouth and had surgery.
September 28
The surgery went well, and he stayed at the vet clinic for two nights. Three teeth were pulled, and by the time he came home he was in pretty good shape. Jethro is a trooper! It has been a month, and the new teeth are starting to come in. Unfortunately, it looks like one of them is coming in at the wrong spot. The other two look like they will be coming in just fine though.

 October 28

Unfortunately, he (understandably) hates have his mouth touched now. I had to tickle his whiskers with a brush in order to get him to show off his teeth.


  1. i'm glad he is recovering fine

    1. He continues to look better each day! Thank you :)


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