Hello! My name is Hannah, and I have a Norwegian Fjord mare named Ypke and a miniature donkey gelding named Jethro.

This blog chronicles my clicker training adventures with Ypke and Jethro and features anything from ride recaps to funny stories to product reviews. Throughout our struggles and successes, feel free to laugh at us along the way.

Name: Ypke of Narnia
Born: 04/16/02, Canada
Breed: Norwegian Fjord
Gender: Mare
Disciplines: We dabble, though we prefer dressage
Sire: Ronaldo (A-premie imported from Holland)
Dam: Rosyta (A-premie imported from Holland)
I bought Ypke back in March 2012 as a complete beginner, and my teddy bear Fjord quickly became a nightmare due to my lack of experience. She developed the stubbornness of a mule, the dominance of a honey badger, the laziness of a sloth, and the brain of Einstein. In other words, she was the stereotypical "Moody Mare." Luckily, throughout the years and with the help of clicker training, Ypke has become a teddy bear Fjord again.

Name: Lords Hill Jethro
Born: 01/25/14
Breed: Miniature Mediterranean Donkey
Gender: Gelding
Disciplines: Tricks, showmanship, in-hand obstacle courses, and (someday) therapy.
Sire: HO Little Red Man (31" dark sorrel)
Dam: Rearview's Peachee (32" sorrel)

I have known Jethro ever since he was one month old, and I bought him as soon as he was weaned. He is a sassy, intelligent donkey who enjoys learning new tricks such as soccer and fetch. He is my hiking buddy, 4-H donkey, Ypke's travel companion, and in-training to become a therapeutic donkey through the Pet Partners Program.


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    That caption is just too cute :)


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